I know I’m probably going to get hell for this, but i stopped giving a shit.

so many girls get criticized for what other cosplaying girls wear. not all of us are a bunch of slutty whores who only go to conventions to whore around. the sluttiest cosplay i have personally ever worn was a Fem!Germany Cosplay, which consisted of a sports bra and cargo pants.Image (I’m the blond. and truthfully that’s the sluttiest i have ever dressed, inside or out) i have also cosplayed as Sebastian from Black Butler and a dark!Lolita. the dress went to my knees.


yes I know a lot of girls dress in slutty outfits, but we can’t help that a lot of the best people in anime or in our favorite comics, web comics, sci-fy shows, ect. are depected as badass sluts, that isn’t our faults. uncultured swine who try to tell you that it’s about creating something of your own aren’t necessarily wrong- but they’re also not completely right. Cosplay is Costume Play. it doesn’t matter if the character is all your’s or if it’s from a comic or anime or show.  yes. i have found some desturbing things… like the GUY dressed as a girlImage

or (my favorite) Stripper Dead PoolImage


cosplay isn’t about the quality of the cosplay. it’s about having fun and being able to be around people who won’t judge. going to conventions hanging out with friends.


And that’s another thing. Conventions: stop fucking complaining that they’re not in the right place for their cosplay. i’ve seen sci-fy people at Anime conventions, comic people at anime conventions. conventions are supposed to be where you can dress in any cosplay and not get judged. yes they’re not dressed for the convention type, but they paid the money- they obviously like what the convention is about.